SPAL understands that its Quality, Environment, Health and Safety at Work (TSS) policy is an essential management tool to fulfil the requirements of its stakeholders in particular on the issues of Environmental Protection and OSH conditions. For this reason, promotes the development of the different entrepreneurial aspects towards sustainability, based on the principles of value creation, flexibility and social responsibility.

For that purpose, establishes the following strategic guidelines for the organization:

bullet Growth of the business supported by quality services, shared by the group of suppliers selected, focusing on its Clients satisfaction, motivation and safety of its Employees and also Environmental Protection;

bullet Continuous improvement of the organization's performance, keeping a continuous monitoring of its processes versus established objectives;

bullet Compliance with the obligations subscribed by the organization, taking into account the product life cycle perspective.

Therefore, SPAL intends to ensure the company's growth following a sustainability oriented policy, in balance with its environmental and social environment, considering the needs and expectations of the different stakeholders.